Scaphe - Factory Gleam LP (coming soon)

Amos Pitsch - Lake Effect LP (coming soon)

Black Thumb - It Is Well With My Soul Cassette

Animal Lover - Stay Alive LP

Criminal Code - Solitude b/w Days End EP

Tenement - The Self-Titled Album 12" EP (split with Deranged Records)

Dusk - (Do The) Bored Recluse/Too Sweet Single

Mind Control - Mind Control EP

Wildhoney - Sleep Through It LP (split with Deranged Records)

Radiator Hospital - Mall Of America 10" LP

Shut-In - Fear/Blood EP

Claps - Lies/White Lies 12" EP

Much Worse - Macrocosm Is A Wash LP

Youwretch - Sympathy Of Wolves LP

Radiator Hospital - Some Distant Moon EP

Pity Sex - Dark World 12" EP

Procession - Your Turn To Feel LP

Sucked Dry - EP (split with Pass Judgement Records)

Fathr^ - Instant Death Cassette

Lungs - 10" EP

The Funeral and The Twilight - Sullen Life/Blighted Death LP

Youwretch - Self-Titled EP

The Funeral and The Twilight - The Cross of St. Peter EP