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Youwretch-Sympathy Of Wolves L.P.

The long awaited full length from this Minneapolis doom and gloom crew is finally here. 10 amazing songs that mold into one epic sounding masterpiece. The first 100 orders will receive 1/100 pressed on white vinyl. OUT OF STOCK!

Old Price: $6.00

Price: $5.00

You save: $1.00! (16.67%)


Radiator Hospital-Some Distant Moon E.P.

Sam and his friends are back again with another bubble-gum punk masterpiece. This 7″ includes 4 awesome songs, screen-printed sleeves, and a cool comic themed insert from Sam. First 100 pressed on acrylic blue. First come, first serve. SOLD OUT!

Price: $4.50

The World Is Still A Vampire Patch

Billy Corgan is back! In patch form. SOLD OUT!


Price: $8.00

Pity Sex-Dark World E.P.

Another great band from Michigan, Pity Sex are pure magic. Sad and depressing undertones that resemble early Smashing Pumpkins mixed with the pop sensibility of The Breeders. Plus, Britty from Procession is in it. First pressing SOLD OUT!

Price: $12.00

Embroidered logo patch

Price: $5.00

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The Funeral and The Twilight-Sullen Life//Blighted Death L.P.

Screen printed jackets (as usual) on black vinyl. Goth is good, Goth is great. SOLD OUT!

Price: $10.00

Lungs-Sermon on the Plain/The Pith E.P.

Clear 10″ from one of the best down-tempo/doom bands around. SOLD OUT!


Price: $8.00