Forward Records was conceptualized by James Muschinski (whom is no longer with Forward) in the fall of 2010 in the great state of Wisconsin. He initially envisioned a very conventional aesthetic that soon twisted into an unfamiliar shape; creating a new mold and identity of it's own. Once Ibrahim Al Said began working with the label everything truly fell into place. A place where the structure of the modern independent record label seemed to be missing and was instead replaced with a cluster of different ideas, groups, and sounds. Forward exerts a midwestern charm that's willingly un-charming. It prides itself as being a constant head scratcher to the music consumer. Releases that embody a plethora of genres such as shoegaze, country, pop, metal, punk, soul, hardcore, goth and noise-rock only help promote the idea of not playing it safe. Safety is complacency and we're not here to comply.